A+E Networks: Dramaworld S2 launched in Korea, Japan and SEA

A+E Networks: Youngsun Soh, General Manager of A+E Networks Korea, and Saugato Banerjee, Managing Director, Asia

Dramaworld, A+E Networks Korea Premium Drama, premiered its S2 on April 2 on Lifetime and TVing in Korea. Additionally, iQIYI will air the series simultaneously in Southeast Asia, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, while in Japan, streamer U-NEXT will serve as the main platform. Leading into MIPTV, A+E Networks International holds all distribution and remake rights in Asia.

Co-produced by Third Culture Content and Raemongraein (RMRI), Dramaworld is A+E Networks Korea’s fantasy romantic-comedy that follows the adventures of a twenty-year-old, American, K-drama fangirl, who gets magically transported into the world of her favorite Korean drama through her smartphone. She must quickly learn how to use the rules that govern this world in order to facilitate a happy ending for her favorite K-drama leading man, Joon Park (Sean Dulake).

First released on Netflix in 2016 as a web drama with mini episodes, this success led to its redevelopment through A+E Networks as a longform drama incorporating the initial story as part of an expanded narrative. The series was written by Josh Billig & Chris Martin and all episodes were directed by Martin. The story will encompass a wide range of genres from romantic comedy, the epitome of Korean dramas, to fantasy and classic crime dramas of the 1980s.

Saugato Banerjee, Managing Director, Asia at A+E Networks, remarked: ‘We continue to double down on creating relevant and globally monetizable IP. Building on the success of Backstreet Rookie, our second scripted production, Dramaworld, pays homage to the genre itself. We will continue to collaborate with local partners in Asia to develop and create interesting shows that are distinct and rise above the clutter’.

Dramaworld S2 and Backstreet Rookie, A+E Networks Korea bets on local originals

Youngsun Soh, General Manager of A+E Networks, stated: ‘We have been aggressively producing original content for both television and digital in close collaboration with world-class production and platform partners since launching in South Korea. We are very proud to be able to launch our second premium drama, Dramaworld, the fruit of our endeavor and investment’.

Since A+E Networks expanded into South Korea in 2017, it has been dedicated to the production of original content for both television and digital broadcasting in conjunction with aggressive strategic investments. More than 40 original titles have been produced in its short history, with many of them finding homes on platforms all around the world.

The success of Backstreet Rookie, which aired in June 2020, paved the way to the full-scale investment of time and effort in Korean dramas. In addition to this premium scripted drama, Dramaworld, A+E Networks will continue to execute on effective creative and investment strategies in the competitive Korean content market.