BBCbets on diversity and inclusive content

Diversity and inclusion in drama programming were the key topics discussed in the nowadays industry and UK’s BBC is a good global exponent.Miranda Wayland, Head of Creative Diversity confirmed in April that the British leading media group is allocating £ 102.1 million (USD 140 millions) to produce these programming in the next three years.

Miranda Wyland

The executivenoted that BBCrequires producers to have 20% off-screen diversity for new assignments. She also remarked that her position is recent and is specifically focused on content output, supporting new assignments and working with suppliers. ‘The aspiration is to be more representative, to make sure that our audience is reflected in our content. What is really important is that this position resides on the board of commissioners, so you have a great overview of what is coming and we can help inform them in the decisions’, she underlined.

Waylandsaid that since the initiative was announced, the companyhasseen an increase in the diversity of production companies, some of which ‘had not seen the BBC as a destination to bring their best ideas’. The executive concluded: ‘We have also seen an increase in understanding of what diversity is and how to represent it in an authentic way or how to achieve greater diversity of ideas through content. Obviously, drama is crucial to bring to life those stories that we all want to see. Diversity gives storytelling a great advantage, it gives you flexibility to show a different angle’.