Fresh TV Formats: The Masked Singer is the most adapted format last year

Virginia Mouseler, CEO of The Wit

The traditional session Fresh TV Formats, presented by Virginia Mouseler, CEO of The Wit, began with its annual list of the most adapted formats from September 2020 to April 2021, headed by Korean format The Masked Singer (MBC), Celebrity Master Chef (Banijay Rights), The Bachelorette (WarnerMedia), Family Feud (Fremantle) and The Bachelor (WarnerMedia), in the first five positions. According to Mouseler, The Masked Singer tops the list ‘by far’ with 13 adaptations in this period worldwide, while the next four titles marked 3-4 local adaptations worldwide.

She named this season of content «Future Nostalgia», due to the fact that several released formats represent classic games or are adaptations of classic realities, such as Marble Mania (Talpa Concepts), which saw a new version in the Netherlands; also The Money Shot (Banijay Rights,Germany), where the contestants answer questions and win money and to pocket their winning they must send a red ball in a hole. Or from Armoza Formats, highlighted Family Piggy Bank (Israel), where one family works together to fill their family piggy bank with real coins by answering trivia questions in a virtual studio, and distributed by Propagate Content, Cherries Wild, a pop culture trivia that ends on a giant slot machine where contestants attempt to capture 5 wild cherries to win the $250k jackpot.
Regarding US Hispanic and American markets, The Wit highlighted from The Mediapro Studio’sSophia, help me to win 1 million, a quiz show where 2 contestants compete with the help of a digital assistant; or Judgment Call, distributed by Aroma TV (Canada), where two competitors and the studio audience vote on funny questions that reveal certain perceptions regarding 4 celebrities on the set, the show was started to air the last march on CBC; and Dr. Paw, also distributed by The Mediapro Studio in Spain about a psychologist animal that helps persons with their problems

Lastly, she highlighted the popularity of documents on the environment, with views never seen before, presenting the natural settings most affected by human contact and what would be the closest solutions to it.