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Prensario International - MIPTV 2021 Daily Service - April 12

Digital MIPTV 2021: the heart of a change


From this week, MIPTVwants to surpass the bad sensations that have generated many of the online events so far during the Pandemic, with a good twist: to take the one-to-one meetings format of MIPCancun and MIPChina, to the global picture of MIPTV, running inside its MipDoc and MipFormats sub-events. Is it possible to have success with the one to one format in big events, and online?

The participation at Digital MIPTV has three levels: Digital Pass, April 12-16, for all genres and activities, including the panels and conferences as traditional Fresh TV session, or events as MIPDrama Screenings and MIP SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Award. And then, One-to-One Distribution Market, for docs, formats and factual, including distributors and buyers, April 13-15; and One-to-One Coproduction & Development Forum, for the three same genres but including producers, distributors, buyers and commissioners, April 13-15.

So, there are two more specific markets for the matchmaking, inside the general event. MIPTV is traditionally the Unscripted Week, so a very good volume is guaranteed. But the three levels of participation suggest three different costs, they will help to select people. And the ones who participate, will be very specific and with steady intentions of going forward in projects.

The organization guarantees from 15 to 20 meetings per participant at the one to one matchmaking. As always, every executive must choose a listing of priorities for the platform to match as much as possible, generating to sellers and buyers, a part of the wanted meetings and others that must be accepted. MIPCancun and MIPChina were some of the few online events that in 2020 received more good than bad opinions. The minor volume, of course, was a key factor.

The challenge of Digital MIPTV is a main thing because so far, at most of the digital events have happened the same: they are good as a meeting point for conferences and content exhibitions, but for surpassing networking and one to one differential meetings, the picture is much harder. Many content titans use the digital events for branding, awareness, but then they don’t work well the platforms. Also, many people of the content industry are in their 40s or more, so they don’t feel comfortable with online platforms. The events have to decide: to be simple or to be complete, and it is hard to find a good mid-point. Let’s see this week if it is found.

Nicolás Smirnoff/Director
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