Paul Buccieri, A+E Networks’ President, received the MIP SDG AWARD

Paul Barbieri

This year, Reed Midem gave the MIP SDG Award 2021 to Paul Buccieri, president of A+E Networks by his efforts on diverse stories and the equality in front and behind the camera.
According to Reed Midem, the award is a recognition for more women’s presence in the production and acting role, in addition to the diversity of stories used in most of its production, touching LGBTI and racial themes which inspire change.

The award session was conducted by Robin Roberts, who introduced some speechless from characters who participated in some channel programs that promote diversity and inclusion and fearlessly bringing controversial topics to the table like sexism, racism, violence against women through a wide range of actions that encompass its programming, internal policies, hiring decisions and corporate outreach initiatives.

‘In A+E Networks we are so honored to be awarded with the MIP SDG Award supporting by the United Nation’, started to commented Buccieri. «We have a long history of partnering with those working for positive changes and using our platforms per purpose is a central part of our mission. Our objective is simple but not easy, to have our content, our platforms and initiatives to entertain but being a powerful voice for transformation’, added.

Along with Roberts, in the virtual event also participated Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications at United Nations, who expressed: this honor is deserved for the contribution the company has made to stories and niches that have empowered any voice and prioritize inclusion, kindness and respect for everyone’.

The UN delegate after gave the recognition, said: ‘the television industry can play a major role in highlighting some of our biggest challenges, including equitable vaccines’ access, overcoming poverty and climate actions. The power of broadcast media can inspire people to take actions for a safer and healthier planet’.