WildBrain Television: co-viewing content as core element on its content

Katie Wilson, Vice-President, Channels & Curation, Wildbrain Television

WildBrain boosted at MIPTV Digital 2021 its channel portfolio, in addition to its perception of the market. Katie Wilson, Vice-President, Channels & Curation, Wildbrain Television, talked in a interview during the market about the flagship company that include Family Channel, Family CHRGD, Family Jr. and Télémagino.

Family Channel focuses on programmes that will encourage shared viewing and appeal to every age within a family. We’re on the lookout for both animation and live action where strong, authentic storytelling is key. We’re also keen to acquire more unscripted content, as we’ve seen a lot of success with these types of series, this is perfect co-viewing content’, commented Wilson.

As part of its content strategy, the exec assured that ‘family-oriented is one os the most important, cataloging three core elements that are at the heart of its content: blockbuster animation, live-action storytelling brimming with strong, character-driven narratives that provide appointment co-viewing opportunities, and unscripted competition shows’, apointed.

Regarding coproduction, manifested that ‘all are welcome’: ‘We look for partners who are aligned with our values and our vision. Also, as part of the global WildBrain organisation we’re always looking at potential rights curation from multiple perspectives: broadcast, production, distribution, consumer products and YouTube’.