Canal 10 Uruguay: national productions

Uruguayan leader broadcaster Canal 10 continues its bet on primetime news program combined with a flourishing line up of national production of entertainment programs based on international formats, which have been generating high ratings in the last years.

Patricia Daujotas, content director, and Cecilia Presto, head of acquisitions, Canal 10

‘With them, which we have adapted with high quality standards, the channel has made a great effort, and people are accompanying us’, remarks Patricia Daujotas, content director, interviewed by Prensario. She adds that it is a ‘great moment’ in the local market, since the strategy of adapting MasterChef (Banijay), Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (Sony) or Got Talent (Fremantle) have been replicated on the competing networks with Grillmaster (Sony) on Teledoce or The Great British Bake Off (BBC Studios) on Canal 4.

‘Although the investment is not the same in all programs, for us all the adapted formats have been fundamental to our screen: we have taken care of every minute of the content that we produce. As for franchises, we are currently on the air with Got Talent, Pasapalabra, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, La Peluquería de Don Mateo, Polémica en el Bar and also national formats, such as Sonríe’, explains Daujotas, who underlines: ‘We aim for a central time with the largest number of national productions, which we usually accompany with some foreign fiction, closer to midnight’.

«Got Talent Uruguay», Canal 10’ prime time hit with international star Natalia Oreiro

Regarding acquisitions, Cecilia Presto, head of acquisitions, comments: ‘We are always attentive to the news that the market may present to us, beyond objective searches. We are awaiting proposals for entertainment formats, in all their variants, and fictions that may appear in some of the slots that we have on the programming grid, which are few, so we need to be very precise in these types of selections’.

The executives concluded about the Pandemic: ‘What we can guaranteed is the work of a large team of very dedicated professionals, in the search to produce and broadcasting the best proposals, and with a Canal 10 always ready to bet and strive to have the best screen, not only in ratings but also in the quality of the content we offer to families’.