Factual trends with K7 Media: modern history, sports and social change

David Ciaramella, K7 Media‘s communication manager, described the top trends on the factual world, focusing on the trends of the genre. Archive documentaries focused on modern history continues to be in great demand among the audience, and worked very well on the production side during pandemic due to filming restrictions.

David Ciaramella, K7 Media’s communication manager

K7 Media highlighted three titles that represent this trend Q: Into The Storm (HBO / HBO Documentary Films), Pressens Kriminelle Handlanger (DR1 Denmark / Impact TV) and Generation Hustle (HBO Max / CNN, Jigsa Productions). ‘These stories focus on current cases about crime networks, or the QAnon movement in the USA’, he explained.

HBO’s Q: Into The Storm, current social topics

Another trend he underlined were factual productions that reflected activism and social changes with Unheard (Amazon Prime Video / Ladbible), Surrounded by Enemies (Viaplay / Monster Entertainment), Conspiracy Theorist Speaking Out (DR2 / A&M Productions). ‘Productions like these represent stories about the unheard in our society.

In the same line, he highlighted the shows about actors for climate change: Arctic (Canal Sur / Lineup Industries and distributed by Beta Spain), The Activist (CBS), and Race The Future (Dash Picture).

Beta Spain’s Artic, climate change

Lastly, “All-Access Sports” is a big trend within the factual genre: ‘Real stories about people involved in different sports disciplines such as Jonnie’s Blade Camp (Channel 4 / One Tribe TV), Missile from the East (Sky Docs / Salon Pictures, Night Train Media), and Facing Monsters (Beyond West / Red Eye Productions)’, concluded Ciaramella.