IN10 Media’s Juggernaut and Nucleus Media Rights develop and produce «Mark Twain in India»

UK-based TV production and distribution company, Nucleus Media Rights and creator show runner, Brendan Foley, joint owners of the true story period drama mini-series Mark Twain in India (8x’52), confirmed their counterpart: IN10 Media Network’s production arm, Juggernaut Productions to develop, produce and distribute the project.

Samar Khan, Juggernaut Productions, and Mansi Darbar, IN10 Media Network (borders) with uno Zarka, Nucleus Media Rights

Mark Twain in India tells the story of author, Mark Twain’s life-saving and life changing tour to India in the midst of personal tragedy and ruin when all appeared lost. In a vast and remote subcontinent, he discovers his love for life through India’s history and humanity.

Mansi Darbar, VP – Corporate Strategy and Development at IN10 Media Network, said: ‘The collaboration is a significant first step for IN10 Media’s Juggernaut Productions to bring forth its proven expertise to the international foray as we develop and produce the content, locally. We are glad to partner with Nucleus Media as it illustrates our commitment towards creating global content’.

Samar Khan, Chief Operating Officer of Juggernaut Productions, added: ‘Creating content with inspiring concepts is what excites us, and we look forward to working together on the project. Mark Twain was a curious traveller and his stories have been a part of our growing up years. It will be exhilarating to exhibit India through his journey of the country that he undertook in what was a crucial juncture of world history’.

Foley indicated: ‘It’s wonderful to work with such a well-known and well-loved character as Mark Twain, yet in such a little explored facet of his later life. Bankrupt and miserable, Twain rediscovered his love of life and of writing, as he explored India from mud huts to palaces, on an epic speaking tour’. He will work closely with Khan on the project.

Bruno Zarka, CEO, Nucleus Media Rights, sees this collaboration as an ‘exciting development’ as we broaden our international connections. IN10 Media Networks-Juggernaut Productions shares our vision of a highly commercial series with wonderful production values and an all-star cast. ‘We are confident that they can help deliver a series that will appeal to mainstream audiences everywhere’, he completed.