MIPJunior: games and social media synergize

During MIPJunior 2021, Peter Robinson, Chief Strategy officer at Research, KidsKnowBest, led a panel that touched on the topic of games, and how they are changing the perception that children have about quality content.

KidsKnowBest’ Peter Robinson, Dubit’ Adam Woodgate and The Insight Family’s Nick Richardson

‘The game is changing for the perception that children have of quality content. Children can have different views of the television industry on this issue’, said the executive. The session was also attended by Adam Woodgate, SVP of media insight in Dubit, who presented data highlighting the disparity between the popularity of games, social networks used by children, and TV channels.

‘54% of children aged six to 11 in the USA played Minecraft in the last week, while 50% played Roblox, 46% played Fortnite and 45% used Instagram. By contrast, 20% watched Cartoon Network and 19% Nickelodeon’, he added.

Dubit executive assured that the union between these is that technology is supporting the audiences that join when we use platforms or devices for these purposes. ‘Television companies can do more to explore the potential of games’, he concluded.

Lastly, Nick Richardson, CEO of The Insight Family, said that children’s perception of quality is not just about interactivity: ‘Children seek a sense of purpose in both television shows and videos in line’, he added. ‘Children now have much higher standards for the characters and the content they see. They want it to represent something, they want to see elements of themselves and they want there to be positivity in it’, concluded Richardson.