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Prensario International - MIPTV 2021 Daily Service - April 14
Digital MIPTV 2021: What are the online users saying?
The Digital MIPTV platform: a chain that depends on all its links

Digital MIPTV goes today to its third main day, with the general market on one side and the two one-to-one meetings sub-events (focused on unscripted) on the other. The big question that everybody is wondering is not about the registered people or the conferences, is about the usability of the platform. The volume of business generated by staying at the event, makes the difference.

Prensario has collected dozens of opinions of buyers, sellers, producers, investors, who are using the MIPTV platform this week. Here you have not edited testimonies that resume most of the opinions, some on the light, others on the dark side. The main outcome is that everyone, from organizers to sellers and buyers, must get themselves more involved into the digital landscape.

A Western European movie and TV series producer, said: ‘We’ve had this time less meetings around our traditional sectors, but we’ve compensated this due to the new genres we have, which go from animation to strong thrillers. You have to move yourself more in digital’. A Turkish distributor, stressed: ‘Most of the agreed meetings are cancelled, during the same day. Today we scheduled 15 meetings, but lastly we had just two. Many people also prefer to use outside conference systems, which are more direct and friendly’.

A Latin American broadcaster expressed: ‘The idea of focusing MIPTV on matchmaking was good, because let attendees have more meetings for sure and to get in touch with many new companies. The problem is that people is tired of virtual events, with the so different time zones and to deal with the day-by-day work at the same time’. An Asian OTT player completed: ‘On one side the digital platforms open you to new opportunities, but on the other oblige you to a heavy interaction with many people you don’t want to meet. I prefer more free models, with not so commitment’.

Prensario organizes the Virtual Screenings events, which had two successful editions in 2020 and will have LA Virtual Screenings this May. In our own experience, it is a mistake to intend reproducing everything of the physical events, it turns the platforms to complex and not friendly. It is better to make focus on what works easy in digital, and to push native-digital synergies from there. A new world, with many advantages, takes shape.

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