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Prensario International - MIPTV 2021 Daily Service - April 16
The new unscripted trends, at Digital MIPTV 2021
Phil Gurin, co-chairman of FRAPA, during the Member Meeting at MIPTV. Unscripted grows into the OTT world

Digital MIPTV finishes today its main week, having confirmed its role as the ‘Non-scripted week’. Many of the events, news and meetings have happened about factual, docs and formats. About MIPTV as a whole, we will provide the outcome tomorrow. Today let’s see the new trends of unscripted during the market: the OTTs are for the first time exploding on the segment, but these can be great or terrible news, if the right holders don’t think their strategy well.

Yesterday at the FRAPA Members Meeting, where the worldwide format association joined online about 50 companies, was a good time to check the trends. Nick Smith, EVP Formats at All3Media, said: ‘With "The Circle", a social media popularity contest with strong potential, we had to decide if licensing it to Netflix worldwide, or moving on our own. Netflix is a great screen and reach everywhere, but usually develops one or few versions for all the territories. The other option was to sell separately and to generate local versions and strategies. Finally, we decided to go with Netflix, to generate a new experience and to push the OTT sector mature on non-scripted formats. Any case, when the contract finishes, the rights will be back’.

Amazon moves different, is more like the broadcasters and it generates local versions for main markets, as with "Bachelor in Japan", "Love Island" or "Celebrity Hunted in Europe". Discovery+ is even more as linear TVs, developing 4-5 successful local versions in different European countries. Smith: ‘What will happen in the future? We have HBO Max, Hulu, Roku, Britbox, Peacock, and the A-VODs, many new players coming. If we want a more global formats market, we have to get the OTTs embedded and to evolve with them’.

David Caramella of UK K7 stressed (in FRAPA too) that this year there are two new types of formats arising: "The guessing Games", as "Traitors" at RTL4 The Netherlands, "This is my house" at BBC1 in UK, or "Who is my chef? at Workpoint TV Thailand… the aim is to discover something: who is the traitor, who is the owner of a house or the chef. And "Wacky Game Shows", as Marble Mania in SBS6 The Netherlands, "The VOID" at ITV in UK or "Stacking IT", from ITV and Nippon TV (Japan). Mad games, crazy physical situations.

The top successful format at the pandemic has undoubtedly been Banijay’s "The Masked Singer", which hides celebrities with very visual disguises and they act and sing till to be discovered. The format joins all the hits of the moment: guessing, wacky, feel good, shine walls and celebrities. The use of famous people is a key factor in the covid world, because generates big impact with less people. Factual and docs, as kids, where some of the genres with best performance during the pandemic, because they can be produced easier within safety protocols. What seems to be temporary now, promises to stay for a long time in Unscripted.

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