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Prensario International - MIPTV 2021 Daily Service - April 13
Digital MIPTV 2021: from real to online, and back
Top Buyers of the 15-minutes Buyers' Briefing Sessions: Julian Degroote, TF1 (France), Kristina Hollstein,
ZDF (Germany) and Dermot Horan, RTÉ (Ireland)

Digital MIPTV offers today the opening of the two one-to-one meetings sub-events: a good portion of the success of the event depends on them. What can be said about yesterday and so far? The platform experience is better than at last Mipcom, due to the improvements but also due to the volume: less people make participants perform better and faster, as in the old Cannes’ MIPTV vs. Mipcom. Also, there are more percent of attendees from Europe, and from the unscripted sectors, than in the traditional mixture.

The two one-to-one meetings events are both focused on docs, formats and factual: The Distribution market, with distributors and buyers, and Coproduction & Development Forum, with producers, distributors, buyers and commissioners. They both last April 13-15. There are many expectations to check how the matchmaking works, for the first time in a global event, not just regional as at MIPCancun or MipChina. The more presence of unscripted sectors plays in favor here.

About the MIPTV agenda, it can be said that vs. last digital Mipcom it is more oriented to business, with less and shorter conferences, for people to spend less time in viewing and more in making meetings. And the conferences are very direct to show overall trends, as yesterday the ‘One TV Year 2020’ from French Glance TV, or the new The Wit’s Fresh TV chapters focused on fiction and kids --see the attached news.

Something good are the 15 minutes sessions with big buyers, balanced by type and regions. Among others, there are Julien Degroote, EVP development, TF1 France, Kinu Miyano, senior producer, NHK Japan, Kristina Hollstein, director of documentaries, ZDF Germany, James Hirst, VP development, ITV Studios (UK), Dermot Horan, drama, RTÉ, Ireland, Sahana Kamath, head of original production, VIU (APAC), Libbie Doherty, head of Children, ABC Australia, Natalie Engel, director of Children, PBS Kids (USA).

Organizer Reed Midem has displayed suggestions for a full event experience: to update the profile & availability, to fit better with the other side; to respond the meeting requests, as if everyone does it, all work better; to bookmark the ‘not to miss’ sessions, to assure the inputs of the experience; and to read the exclusive reports, to enrich the industry knowledge. So? The digital arena is mostly supported by the same basics of the real world, but it depends more on oneself, because you need to move to be visible. Slowly, both events and people are learning how to surf better on the digital waves.

Nicolás Smirnoff/Director
Madd Calinos ATV TV Azteca Internacional
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